Friday, August 2, 2013

Introduction edit 04

submitted to: Airil Haimi Mohd Adnan, tutor
submitted by: Wanie S & Qira
submitted on: July 30st, 2013   

Babies are valuable gifts to all parents from God. It is a dream for all women in the world to have their own child which can continue their family generation. This dream will become reality when a woman gets married, becomes pregnant and gives birth. During the past time, various method of giving birth had been done across several cultures such as in Nepal, Laos and United States (Fabes & Martin, 2003). This includes women in Nepal who were rubbed with special oil to make them feel more comfortable during the laboring process. Recently, modern technology has made some improvement and innovation regarding childbirth. As Berk (2003) writes, there are now “many approaches designed to reduce pain and medical intervention and to make childbirth a rewarding experience for parents” (p.104). The three ways which is widely experienced by most of the mothers in order to bring their child into the world include vaginal delivery, water birth and also caesarean delivery.
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