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hemm..... what i think ikal's love?

                You know this is bullshit.. do you think that Curly will get along with a beautiful girl named Ah Ling?? I don’t think so. Love is blind. Blind is Disaster. Disaster is his trouble. After Ah Ling left he behind. He will upset  make his performance in study down. His life was sad.” Tidak perlu berfikir dengan cinta yang ada cuma keindahan bunga-bunga bermerkaran” . for me curly should focus on his study not for his blind love.  If he focus on study for sure he will not Tok Dalang Tula’s Help for his study, this is syirik!! Tok Dalang Tula also know that “Kalau nak pintar, belajar!! Kalau nak berhasil, usaha!!”. I say one more time, his first love not more than a bullshit!!


my favorite character.... is.....

        The most character that I really like in the story of Laskar Pelangi is Mr. Harfan. A old humble person that always protect his old school.He is the most motivation character in the story. His word such a powerful motivation to everyone “Dan ingat hiduplah untuk memberi sebanyak-banyaknya bukan untuk menerima sebanyak-banyaknya”, said Harfan. He still loyal and promise to keep alive the old school although there are no other people care about that old school. His friend, Zul always say that he should close the school because they lack of money to hold the cost and be deficient in of facilities. Harfan is Stubborn as he was will not close that school and swear until his final breath. The sad things is his death.


entry 2 - Rainbow Sodier

What i think about Ikal’s first love ? From the story of Rainbow Soldier, Ikal’s first love is A ling who is a Chinese girl. Ikal met A ling for the first time at her shop to buy chalk. He fell for A ling’s beautiful nails. In my opinion, A ling is a girl who always take good care of her nails. haha! She is also very kind girl who is still accepts Ikal although Ikal is shorter and poorer than her. She never look at those things. Otherwise she is very sincere to be friend with Ikal. A ling is also a beautiful girl who has white and fair skin. This is what i think about Ikal’s first love.

Post by: Wanie S 

entry 1 - Rainbow Soldier

The character that i like the most in Rainbow Soldier is Lintang. Lintang is a boy who lived in a very poor family without a mother. He is the one who always take care of his sisters when his father goes out for work.  This is the reason why i really like Lintang. He is such a very hardworking boy who always willing to take cares of his family at a very young age.  Lintang is also a very clever and smart boy. He likes numbers and very quick in mathematics just like me. is it right? haha!.maybe. This is why i really like Lintang as i think his personality is just like me..hehe. Hopefully i can be like him.

Post by:
Wanie S

The Rainbow Troops- What I think about Ikal's first love

From what I watched, I think Ikal’s first love is someone that love cleanliness. This can be proved by looking at her fingernails that also one of the reasons why Ikal fell in love with her.

Secondly, I think Ikal’s first love that is Ah Ling is polite. This can be seen through their first met. Ah Ling talk with Ikal softly. Ikal said that she refused to keep the poem that Ikal wrote for her but she argued politely.

Lastly, I also think that Ah Ling wanted to go to Paris. If there is chance for Ikal and Ah Ling get married, I am sure Ah Ling want to go to Paris for their honeymoon as well as Ikal also wanted to go there.

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Wanie H 

The Rainbow Troops- The character I like most and why

In Rainbow Soldiers, the character I like most is Mahar. This is because of he is very calm. He accepts the responsibility from his teachers with willingness. He also do not care about what is going next but he think about the solution not the problem.

Next, I like Mahar’s creativity of the dance. Mahar used the nature as their uniform in the competition. He can think out of box and never give up when his teachers said they have no budget to buy new uniform for the competition.

Lastly, he is also dare to be different and can be a good leader like their headmaster. Mahar created a new dance that different from other group and also managed to teach his friends by himself.

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Wanie H   

Friday, August 30, 2013

Ikal LOVE A Ling

In this movie show that Ikal first love is A Ling. Ikal fell in love with A Ling when his teacher told him to buy chalk for use in SD Muhammadiyah.  Starting that day, he will use the chalk as soon as possible then Ikal will buy the chalk. This opportunity can always make Ikal meet A Ling. As we can see Ikal and A Ling is a cute couple .The scene that makes me LAUGHTER about them is when Ikal saw the A Ling’s finger like he saw an angel. It is very funny ...friends...Miahahahaha... But this moment is too short for them because A Ling need to move to Jakarta. Hurm... so sad... A Ling just leave a box for Ikal  that can make it more stronger. Finishhhh.............yeaaa...



Lintang?? Of course.. But WHY???

First of all, I want to say that I really enjoy while watching Rainbow Soldiers. This is my second time.This movie is about the struggle of eleven children that want to go to school but they need to face many barriers in Belitong. The character that I like most in this movie is Lintang. Firstly it is because he is a clever person. As in the movie, we can see that Lintang can answer mathematics questions in competition without calculate it. Next, he is a patient person. While he going to school, he have to wait the crocodile crossing over the road and he also patient when he knows that his father is passed away. The last thing that I like about Lintang is their face. His face looks very innocent and at the same time he looks handsome too...hihihihhi


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What To Do With The 2 & 3 Body??

Alhamdulillah, me and my partner have done body 2 & 3.. Arghhh!! Its need time to done these both bodies.. We feel like dying to done these bodies.. Stay up late at night to finish up the bodies.. Pheww!! It hard to say that, seriously, this project is really difficult, make me down because I'm not good in English...sobs sobss.. But with the help from the partner and friends we can finish them up and passed up to the lovely teech...weeeeee

awesome gee :P

It is the time where the children playing happily in the grammar jail... Even we were caught by teech to the jail, but look!! We are still happy right? Feel like we have done no mistake.. By the way, thank you teech, we enjoyed in this jail! :)

Even it is toooooo late to wish this, but I still want to dedicate it to my deary friends. We are still in Syawal right? So we are still in 'raya' mood...hehe... Happy Eid Fitri to my friends and lovely teech...anyone who has gain your weight, yes!! Welcome to the club!wink2~

cute girl,

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first time in grammar jail

assalamualaikum.... oit ! op! op!
this is first time i in grammar jail. before this i never being in any other jail..
what i filling in that place is nothing. i not filling anyting............ not anything............. not any thing even although one thing or something.
well i and my partner try our best improve the grammar mistake.

oh my body 2 & 3 felling

As long as we still alive, we will never miss to make mistakes. Same as i and my partner when  face teech correcting our body 2 and 3 for our paper there are lot of grammar mistakes that we had do and work together. Although lot of mistakes, but I still fill happy because if teech never correct our mistake, we will never know where and how our mistakes can be approved. 

The Most Expensive Food In The World - gee and yana

Body 1

   There are various types of caviar that come from several places in the world. One of the most popular is Beluga caviar. Beluga caviar comes from the Beluga sturgeon fish which is the largest of the sturgeon breeds. Most of them can be found in the Caspian Sea. Tom (2008) says that the older the fish, the more elegant and exquisite the flavour. Another type of caviar is Sterlet caviar. Sterlet caviar gets its name from the Sterlet sturgeon. Most of the Sterlet sturgeon fish exists in the Black Sea near Russia. Olcott (2011) says that "Sterlet caviar has smaller eggs than Beluga caviar, and is typically served on top of toast" (online). This is shown in Figure 1.

                                           Figure 1: Caviar is usually served on top of toast

Osserta caviar is also categorized as one of the popular caviar. It is well-known to be the most delicious from the popular types of caviar. This type of caviar is harvested from Osserta sturgeon fish which is mainly inhabit in the Black Sea. All the caviar should be served with a non-metallic spoon because the metallic spoon will reduce the nutrition of the caviar.

The Most Expensive Food In The World


     Do you know what caviar is? Caviar is the eggs of a large fish; sturgeon that we eat and it is usually very expensive (New Oxford Dictionary, 2003). Caviar is the food chosen among higher ranking people. For them, the more expensive the food, the higher the ranking of their position. This kind of food has its own benefits and rich in vitamins. Our body need to stay healthy to grow properly, so, we need food that is full of nutrition. Olcott (2011) says that "caviar is a delicacy consisting of salted, non-fertilized fish eggs and the best types vary in size, colour and texture" (online).


Friday, August 23, 2013

My Raya. (n_n)

Raya is something that people will never hate…what ever happen before will be fade away after we celebrate our precious day, Raya… For this year I celebrate my precious day with my family at our hometown in Beruas, Perak. Often, my parent will buy the foods from our nearly town but for this special Raya my family decide to make all of them by our own together with other family member. The most delicious foods that we have done such as ‘Lemang’ and ‘Lemang’ with ‘Rendang’ and ‘Serunding’. We are all have funs together, enjoying the true meaning of Raya. We are also visited some of our family house at Batu 26, Perak. In the 4th of Hari Raya my Pak long’s Son was married with a woman that live nearly to our village. That day was very wonderful because all of our family was gathered together lend a hand to the ceremony. that all for me to talk about my precious Raya for this year. 

by sam


Assalamualaikum...and Hello everyone..
Firstly, have you ever heard about "Grammar jail".. 
owh.. I think this is  first time you heard that , right???
hahahha.. Last class, teech make something special for us..that is he is the first person make Grammar Jail in the world..and he make it our class.. AAC1103B.... As we know , whole my friends including me also is 'invited' to join this jail..hhaah..  You should  feel guilty right when sitting in jail. But instead we enjoyed sitting in jail.As we can see, this photo show that we are really enjoy it. 


 We are happy Right.???
But behind the happiness, there is also distress where we need to correct our conclusions perfectly without any grammar mistake.After that, we will be released from jail..... 
But I was happy because I and my partner is the second pairs that come out early from the jail.
I will end of my story with  السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته...


FEELING?? BODY 1? BODY 2?? ARGH........

Assalamualaikum.... Hello you all....
 What do you feel when your first draft body 2 and 3 have many grammar mistakes??
owhh... ..For me and partner, it make us tension. You know why?? We should not have any simple grammar mistakes. After teech check our draft, we realize that teech already circle the mistake. urgh.. Not 1 or 2 mistake but more than 10 kot..Then we make some correction on it. It is difficult you know...I wanna say Thank to teech for check it.!!!


The jail time!!!

Hai!!! still remember???,. yes the jail time!! I think this can be one of the sweet time together.. All of us got grammar mistake and all of us were in the jail.. We look very happy isn't it?? haha!! no sign of regret or sad of the mistake that we made..  This could be one of the way to rest and release tension in completing our assignment right? hehe thank you very much teech for giving us the opportunity to experience this moment. We will never forget this ever..:). bye2! smile always guys..Assalamualaikum..

A long time ago

Assalamualaikum. here we go again. hahhaha. this evening i feel free to write and write. so please, let me write. actually this post teech asked us two weeks ago. hahaha. sorry teech. we're too busy this week. hmm. me and my partner got many mistakes in body paragraph 2 & 3. as i told you before, i'm really bad in english and hoping you to help me. btw, thanks teech because you corrected our mistakes. as a i promise, i will learn from my mistakes.

me again,
Wani H  

Private and confidential

hey people. opss. Assalamualaikum everyone. i want to tell you one big secret. and please. don't tell our Teech. you know what!? Finally, we got our freedom from doing this and this. huh. i'm being so tired to do everything that our teech want. urgghhh. he is so 'cerewet' you know. i also wanna thanked to all of you because you guys helped me and my partner a lot in completing the essay. thank you guys. love aand huggsss :*. lastly, i also wanna say congratulations to all of you for your great job.

*p/s: teech, i'm just kidding. actually this post special for you. i want to thank a lot to you because you help us to become wonderful students. thanks teech. we will never forget your kindness. our pray for you, May Allah bless you and your family. Aminn.

   Wani H   

Breaking News: Cute Student and her friends were sent into the prison

20 August 2013, Perak- About 28 students of accountancy from UiTM Seri Iskandar were sent into the prison by their lecturer. Hard to believe that most of the students very happy in the jail. Below the conversation between our reporter(R) with one of the student in the prison(S) that is Hazwani.

R: Why you were in jail?
S: Because of grammar mistakes.
R: Just because of that?
S: No, there is one more reason.
R: What is it?
S: Because I'm cute and my lecturer jealous with me.
R: Owh, no wonder. So how do you feel?
S: We feel very happy because this is the only prison that we can take a picture and playing with smartphones.
R:Okay, Thank you for your cooperation.
S: My pleasure.

Reported by,
Wani H    

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Body Paragraph1, edit 02

Submitted to : Airil Haimi Mohamad Adnan, tutor

Submitted by : Sam & Farah
Submitted on : August 15th, 2013

There are several elements to look at when reviewing animation. The first is visual motive. Since this is the first thing people will usually look for, you must realize that animation is a totally different art form than other art such as drawing, painting, and others. Anime and American cartoon are the example of animation which have their own style, but the American form of animation is not as good as anime. Through time, both of these styles compete with each other in producing better visual effects. For example, the use of colors often quite more advanced in Japanese anime compared to American cartoon. Besides, “Anime eyes generally have a lot of contrast. Shadow and highlights are strong. Lines are well defined. The light source is indicated by reflections.” (Wagner & Turlington, 2002, p.155). Anime has wide variation in physical characteristics that make it closer to reality compared to cartoons characters which usually have features that are not related  to the rest of the body that make it further from reality. This proved that visual motive of anime is much better than American Cartoon ­­as Figure 1 shows.

                                                    Figure 1: Anime Vs. Anime

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Eid Mubarak by Qira

                                                                      No card,
                                                         No ketupat,
                                                        No Lemang,
                                       just Blog represents  everything..                                                                           .sins...laugh...and....tears..

                    Happy Eid Mubarak friends. Minnal Aidil Wal faizin,,

My Eid Mubarak

From left: me, my father, my mother and my second sister.

Assalamualikum peeps. naa. this is my beloved family. but it is not complete because my eldest sister not in picture because she was at her husband's hometown. how was you eid people? my eid is very wonderful because at this time i'm having fun with my relatives. but i'm little bit sad because i got only few duit raya. well maybe it's because of one factor that is age. haha. this eid is very meaningful to my family because my second sister oficially become a doctor. Alhamdulillah. lastly, i will show people that made my eid happy.

that's all i wanna share. thanks for reading.

posted by,
wani h   

Monday, August 12, 2013


Submitted to : Mr. Airil Haimi Mohd Adnan, tutor
Submitted by : Sam & Fara
Submitted on : August 13th, 2013

By Mr. Tajudin, S. K. & Ms. Anuar, S. N. F.S

Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha” is one of the legendary taglines in anime and mostly important, do you know what it is all about? According to Garcia (2011) Anime is adaptation of the English word animation and used to refer animated cartoons produced by Japanese artists (p.106). In the late nineties, Astro Boys,The God of Anime became famous after many successful in screenings and anime has begun to be lifted as the most entertaining animation. This is the beginning of a new era when people switch from watching American cartoon to Japanese anime. Anime’s stories referred to the bonds of friendship, valor theme, not to give up and cute characters(Comic Media, 2012). The Impact of anime through the world cannot be denied when people are more prefer anime than cartoon due to three reasons which are visual motives that cartoon lesser than anime, anime’s lover is well known compared to fans of cartoon and finally American cartoon is childish while anime is fantastic.

 (159 words)

Happy Eid Mubarak!!! from : Wani S

 Assalamualaikum and Happy Eid Mubarak to all my friends. I want to apologize to all of you from all my wrongdoings. I hope we will start a new day with new hope or dream to be a successful person. May Allah bless you and smile always! :).. Hopefully our friendship will never end..

Friday, August 2, 2013

Body Paragraph 1, edit 02

submitted to: Airil Haimi Mohd Adnan, tutor
Submitted by: Wanie S & Qira
Submitted on: August 1st, 2013 

One of the famous child deliveries which had been experienced by most mothers is vaginal delivery. It is a method where the fetus moves through the mother’s birth canal. There are several types of vaginal delivery. One of them is delivery without the help from a doctor which is also known as spontaneous breech birth. This means that the fetus easily comes out of the vaginal without any problems. Another one is the delivery with the help from a doctor that can be further divided into two. They include partial breech extraction which need a doctor to help deliver the upper part of the fetus’ body and total breech extraction which a doctor needs to help the entire delivery. Mothers who experienced this usually quickly get better, easily get up and move around after a few hours of an uncomplicated delivery. This is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: A mother who quickly gets better

The child also has lower risk of respiratory problems as they benefits from a richer supply of oxygen. However, there are several risks that might occur which include damage of the fetus’ head, babies’ arm, and brain damage which can lead to death. 

                                                [198 words]

Introduction edit 04

submitted to: Airil Haimi Mohd Adnan, tutor
submitted by: Wanie S & Qira
submitted on: July 30st, 2013   

Babies are valuable gifts to all parents from God. It is a dream for all women in the world to have their own child which can continue their family generation. This dream will become reality when a woman gets married, becomes pregnant and gives birth. During the past time, various method of giving birth had been done across several cultures such as in Nepal, Laos and United States (Fabes & Martin, 2003). This includes women in Nepal who were rubbed with special oil to make them feel more comfortable during the laboring process. Recently, modern technology has made some improvement and innovation regarding childbirth. As Berk (2003) writes, there are now “many approaches designed to reduce pain and medical intervention and to make childbirth a rewarding experience for parents” (p.104). The three ways which is widely experienced by most of the mothers in order to bring their child into the world include vaginal delivery, water birth and also caesarean delivery.
                                                                                                                       [160 words]

(Botak) body paragraph 1, edit 02

Submitted to: Airil Haimi Mohd Adnan, tutor
Submitted by: Mirud & Wani H
Submitted on: August 1st, 2013 

            Most people in the world clearly know who Oprah Winfrey is. However some people only know her name but never see her face before. Figure 1 shows how Oprah looks like.

                                                                    Figure 1: Oprah's picture

            “Be yourself. Be all that you can be,” she said. She used this quotation all the time and because of that she became America’s richest entertainer by becoming a television star. (Reuters, 2013). Oprah never gives up and keeps trying from failure. She overcame obstacles such as teenage pregnancy and drug abuse. When her parents separated, she lived with her mother for a few years, during which time she was sexually abused by her own family members. Then she ran away from her mother’s house and she was sent to live with her father by youth training center. She used the second chance that she got to make her life for herself that encouraged by her father. She started her carrier as an entertainer after which she gained a scholarship. At age 29, she hosted a show called AM Chicago. It is her fortune because within a month she became famous and till this day she has her own television show. (Pomerantz, 2013, online).

(199 words)

*p/s: Teech! I don't know what to write in the bracket. so i replaced sexy with botak. heee. jgn mara haaa :p

Introduction edit 04

Submitted to: Airil Haimi Mohd Adnan, tutor
Submitted by: Mirud & Wani H
Submitted on: July 30th, 2013         

We can name many successful persons in this world and they have their own story on how they can get into their position now. They make their move from the determination, focus on their aim, face every obstacle and reach the satisfaction. As Chow (2013) writes, “you must have passion and work hard, as in life, nothing is free,” (p. 37). Why they bother to be extraordinary and what is so special about being extraordinary? Well, we will figure it out here. What is extraordinary? Extraordinary is being beyond what is usual, regular or established. It is easy to get success and extraordinary. Brown (2009) mentions that “the reality is, success is simple, but only if you know the formula,” (p. 29) One of the best ways is to learn from others. There are many extraordinary persons in this world that we can take as our inspiration. Three of them are Oprah Winfrey, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ray Kroc.   

(158 words)