Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Rainbow Troops- What I think about Ikal's first love

From what I watched, I think Ikal’s first love is someone that love cleanliness. This can be proved by looking at her fingernails that also one of the reasons why Ikal fell in love with her.

Secondly, I think Ikal’s first love that is Ah Ling is polite. This can be seen through their first met. Ah Ling talk with Ikal softly. Ikal said that she refused to keep the poem that Ikal wrote for her but she argued politely.

Lastly, I also think that Ah Ling wanted to go to Paris. If there is chance for Ikal and Ah Ling get married, I am sure Ah Ling want to go to Paris for their honeymoon as well as Ikal also wanted to go there.

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