Saturday, September 7, 2013

Entry 4-Live to give,not receive..

‘Live to give, not to receive’ – Pak Harfan
                According to Pak Harfan, we must live to give, not to receive. As we already know, Pak Harfan is one of the teachers in SD Muhamadiyah. He is a very kind and also a dedicated teacher.                   The word ‘live to give’ means that we must live to be a very kind and helpful person. This give is not only giving things or present but it also can be an advice, motivation, support or maybe some help if someone is in trouble. We must not live just to receive from others but always try to give something to others although it is just a little. We must make sure this behavior can be one of our habits as it really can show what type of person we are. Haha! Actually I don’t know what to write about this matter so, I just ‘hentam je’..huhu! Hopefully all of u don’t mind and just read this. Don’t complain2 k. he J


Wani S

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