Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Live to give not to take

According to Pak Harfan in the movie of Laskar Pelangi, he said to his students that he consider as his own children, Lintang and friends, he said that ‘Hidup untuk memberi bukan untuk meminta’… Based on Pak Harfan said, I understand that we need to stand by our own feet to life… It is because our life is depend on ourselves… The quote ‘Live to give not to receive’ shows that in our daily life, we should not expect to receive everything easily, not just to wait somebody to give us something… But, we need to give everyone what we capable to do or to give… This is because we have to understand that life is not easy… We cannot depend too much to people but it is okay if people want to depend to us because we will be very happy to help everyone…


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