Wednesday, September 11, 2013

SD Muhammadiyah is better than the other SD..Why?

In Laskar Pelangi movie, SD Muhammadiyah that is known the old religious school in that town...hmm...I cannot remember the town's name...sorry :)...Although the school just 'small' and do not have enough facilities, but the learning in that school not only focused on academic, but the teachers also taught about Islam and life as a human. In this school also,the children were taught how to respect each other, cooperation and to excel in study wether there are so much obstacles and barriers. When SD Muhammadiyah entered the brass band competition, they brought a new performance to show to other people. It is very suprising that they won the competition. Besides, the SD Muhammadiyah children also show their talents in open quiz. They are able to compete the other SD and it is congrateful to Lintang and friends because they are able to bring the name of SD Muhammadiyah.


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