Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Rainbow Troops- Live to give, not to receive.

“Live to give, not to receive,” said Pak Harfan, the headmaster of SD Muhammadiyyah. This quotation is very meaningful. It means we have to be sincere in doing something and do not expect any rewards from what we have done.

Muslimah succeed adapted the quotation in their live. It can be seen clearly Muslimah do not care even Pak Harfan cannot pay her salary for a few months. She did not want the paid, but she wanted to teach the students until they can get successful in their life.

Pak Harfan also used it to motivate himself. He wanted to give up at first, but because of  the effort from the students he still continue to open the school. He wanted the students to success. Unfortunately, he died before the students get successful.

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