Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Body Paragraph1, edit 02

Submitted to : Airil Haimi Mohamad Adnan, tutor

Submitted by : Sam & Farah
Submitted on : August 15th, 2013

There are several elements to look at when reviewing animation. The first is visual motive. Since this is the first thing people will usually look for, you must realize that animation is a totally different art form than other art such as drawing, painting, and others. Anime and American cartoon are the example of animation which have their own style, but the American form of animation is not as good as anime. Through time, both of these styles compete with each other in producing better visual effects. For example, the use of colors often quite more advanced in Japanese anime compared to American cartoon. Besides, “Anime eyes generally have a lot of contrast. Shadow and highlights are strong. Lines are well defined. The light source is indicated by reflections.” (Wagner & Turlington, 2002, p.155). Anime has wide variation in physical characteristics that make it closer to reality compared to cartoons characters which usually have features that are not related  to the rest of the body that make it further from reality. This proved that visual motive of anime is much better than American Cartoon ­­as Figure 1 shows.

                                                    Figure 1: Anime Vs. Anime

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