Friday, August 23, 2013

Breaking News: Cute Student and her friends were sent into the prison

20 August 2013, Perak- About 28 students of accountancy from UiTM Seri Iskandar were sent into the prison by their lecturer. Hard to believe that most of the students very happy in the jail. Below the conversation between our reporter(R) with one of the student in the prison(S) that is Hazwani.

R: Why you were in jail?
S: Because of grammar mistakes.
R: Just because of that?
S: No, there is one more reason.
R: What is it?
S: Because I'm cute and my lecturer jealous with me.
R: Owh, no wonder. So how do you feel?
S: We feel very happy because this is the only prison that we can take a picture and playing with smartphones.
R:Okay, Thank you for your cooperation.
S: My pleasure.

Reported by,
Wani H    

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