Saturday, August 31, 2013

hemm..... what i think ikal's love?

                You know this is bullshit.. do you think that Curly will get along with a beautiful girl named Ah Ling?? I don’t think so. Love is blind. Blind is Disaster. Disaster is his trouble. After Ah Ling left he behind. He will upset  make his performance in study down. His life was sad.” Tidak perlu berfikir dengan cinta yang ada cuma keindahan bunga-bunga bermerkaran” . for me curly should focus on his study not for his blind love.  If he focus on study for sure he will not Tok Dalang Tula’s Help for his study, this is syirik!! Tok Dalang Tula also know that “Kalau nak pintar, belajar!! Kalau nak berhasil, usaha!!”. I say one more time, his first love not more than a bullshit!!


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