Saturday, August 31, 2013

my favorite character.... is.....

        The most character that I really like in the story of Laskar Pelangi is Mr. Harfan. A old humble person that always protect his old school.He is the most motivation character in the story. His word such a powerful motivation to everyone “Dan ingat hiduplah untuk memberi sebanyak-banyaknya bukan untuk menerima sebanyak-banyaknya”, said Harfan. He still loyal and promise to keep alive the old school although there are no other people care about that old school. His friend, Zul always say that he should close the school because they lack of money to hold the cost and be deficient in of facilities. Harfan is Stubborn as he was will not close that school and swear until his final breath. The sad things is his death.


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