Friday, August 30, 2013

Ikal LOVE A Ling

In this movie show that Ikal first love is A Ling. Ikal fell in love with A Ling when his teacher told him to buy chalk for use in SD Muhammadiyah.  Starting that day, he will use the chalk as soon as possible then Ikal will buy the chalk. This opportunity can always make Ikal meet A Ling. As we can see Ikal and A Ling is a cute couple .The scene that makes me LAUGHTER about them is when Ikal saw the A Ling’s finger like he saw an angel. It is very funny ...friends...Miahahahaha... But this moment is too short for them because A Ling need to move to Jakarta. Hurm... so sad... A Ling just leave a box for Ikal  that can make it more stronger. Finishhhh.............yeaaa...



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