Friday, August 23, 2013

My Raya. (n_n)

Raya is something that people will never hate…what ever happen before will be fade away after we celebrate our precious day, Raya… For this year I celebrate my precious day with my family at our hometown in Beruas, Perak. Often, my parent will buy the foods from our nearly town but for this special Raya my family decide to make all of them by our own together with other family member. The most delicious foods that we have done such as ‘Lemang’ and ‘Lemang’ with ‘Rendang’ and ‘Serunding’. We are all have funs together, enjoying the true meaning of Raya. We are also visited some of our family house at Batu 26, Perak. In the 4th of Hari Raya my Pak long’s Son was married with a woman that live nearly to our village. That day was very wonderful because all of our family was gathered together lend a hand to the ceremony. that all for me to talk about my precious Raya for this year. 

by sam

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