Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Con Te Partiro

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone.
Actually i really don't know what is con te partiro. but when i'm googled for it, there is few words that made me sad. Time to say goodbye. from that sentence, I guessed that is what teech meant. It's hard to say goodbye eventhough at our enemy. i didn't mean you teech. hihihi. that is an example. truly we love your class although you make us crazy. i'm not going to say goodbye to my friends absolutely because 'kami buddyz, takkan terpisah.' hikss. so this post special for you teech. thanks for everything. gonna miss you a lot. we will never forget your head and everything about you because you're never be replaced. you're very expensive. no one can copycat you. hahaha. last but no least, forgive us and pray for us. our pray for you, May Allah bless you and your family. i'm gonna end my post here before my tears come out. haha. thanks and goodbye teech.

goodbye from,
Wanie H     


  1. this post almost make me cry
    kihkih badd :)

  2. I hate goodbye. jom nangis :( - ika-

    1. amomomo. no need to cry. pray teech will teach us next sem. hahaha

  3. Nak nangis sangat baca ni :'( :'(


    1. amomomo. don't cry. teech will always with us. hahaha

  4. Dearest Wanie H, yes. You are right.

    Do not say goodbye. Say we shall meet again :-)

    Take care of yourself, okay?!!


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