Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Salam alayk... Hello Malaysia, Earth, world!! eh, sorry...hello Teech and fellow friends...:)
next assignment! Teech asked us to write about CON TE PARTIRO?what does CON TE PARTIRO means?time to say goodbye??yeahh!!that's right!^_^'s time to say goodbye to our beloved, wonderful and awesome Teech...sobs's hard to say goodbye to him because for me there are no other lecturer would be exactly like him...sincerely I want to say that I'm sad to say goodbye to Teech, to end of this semester...I hope Teech would be teach us on the next semester and next, next semester too...I hope so much...I would like to say thank you to Teech...thank you to be our awesome lecturer!!


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  1. Ms Gee, if I were to teach all of you next semester AND the next...

    ...ALL of you will become botak too :o)


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